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Developed. Discovered. Optimized.

Product development - how does it actually work?

With us, only the really good ideas make it to teleshopping, catalogues, the Internet or the retail trade.

Our product specialists are inspired every day – on the Internet, at trade fairs in Europe, the USA and Asia, and of course, in conversation with teammates and customers.

It becomes particularly exciting when someone finds a problem at home for which we can look for a suitable product solution.  This is how the best products are created! We are also happy to convert industrial standards and turn them into an uncomplicated product for everyone.

Discovering new things and improving what exists –
that's what we're burning for!


Everything is under the microscope

Until we are satisfied with a new product, we go through many stages: from the practical test by our product specialists to our quality assurance, from the Certification until the inspection of production.

Regular inspections in our factories and daily contact with cooperating partners around the world are also important components of our quality process. In order to ensure all legal approvals and guidelines, we work with a product safety software and only have certifications and inspections carried out by well-known institutes with which we have worked with and trust for years.

You have your own product idea and do not know how to implement it?

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